Property Insurance

Property Insurance

Your house, hotel, restaurant, place of business are the symbol of your efforts and the achievement of your dreams.

But there may come one day when a little carelessness may cause a fire, or natural perils may damage your investment.
EUROSIG offers compensation for the unexpected, unforeseen and accidental loss, damage or destruction of your insured property as a result of the following perils:

Fire and additional perils insurance

1. Fire and additional perils covers property from:

Basic perils: Fire, explosion, lightning, fall of aircraft or parts of aircraft, removal of debris.

Additional perils: earthquake, flood, storm, landslide, broken glass.

Business Interruption

In case your business premises are damaged by fire, you risk loosing or missing out on planned revenue for as long as it takes to repair or rebuild the damaged premises. Eurosig offers insurance from the Business Interruption, which covers your expected revenues.

Burglary Insurance

Do you have objects in your home which have cost you a lot and are valuable to you? In the event of a burglary or burglary attempt, they may be stolen or damaged, and you will have to relace them. Eurosig offers burglary insurance, which guarantees compensation for the stolen property. List the items you think might be stolen, and insure them with EUROSIG. We guarantee quick information and proffessional services.

Agricultural Crops Insurance

If you are a farmer, than you know that you have to take precautionary measures against unexpected natural events. EUROSIG offers a special contract which insures all your agricultural crops from hail and other natural perils such as storms and flooding. This Policy coveres substantial damages to your main roduct against an unexected and unforeseen peril. The insured area for all kinds of aricultural crops must be at least 1,000 m2.

Would you like to insure your greenhouses where you have invested your money? With the greenhouse insurance policy, Eurosig covers all the equipment and crop that you have cultivated in your greenhouse. With these two contracts Eurosig offers maximal protetion from any unpleasnat surprises.

Livestock Insurance

This a special insurance policy which allows you to insure your livestock against illness or accidents. With this Policy, EUROSIG offers compensation for: death of livestock during the coverage period, as a result of accidents, common illnesses, surgical interventions due to an accident or illness, accidental poisoning originating from food or water, the mandatory slaughter orderd by veterinarial services or other competent authorities, and cases when the insured livestock has an accident or unavoidable disease.