Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance

Sailing often reserves unexpected, which may have cost for you. Let us in your hand make your journey safer.

We provide damage, loss and shipping of ships, we can also provide your goods from the point of origin to the final destination.

Vessel insurance
  1. Vessel insurance offers coverage for ships and other vessels and the liability of repairers and constructors. The Vessel Insurance conditions are specified in the selected clauses of the policy which are commonly used in the international Vessel Insurance markets. The conditions offered by the insurer are mainly specified in accordance with the vessel’s destination. The insurer indemnifies any damages caused by loss upon the verification of the occurrence of the insured event. The maximum amount payable depends on the insured sum, and the selected clause specified in the insurance policy.

The insurance Contract is subject to Albanian Law as well as international maritime conventions that have been ratified by the Albanian Government.

This kind of insurance policy covers losses or damages of the insured objects that are the result of:

  1. Perils of the seas, rivers, lakes etc.
  2. Piracy, contact with land transport vehicles, docks or docking equipment or installations
  3. Earthquake, volcanic eruptions, lightning, accidents during loading/unloading ore the shifting of cargo or fuel.

Upon the occurrence of an insured event, the Insured must immediately notify the Insurer thru the specific form supplied by the insurer.

Marine Cargo Insurance

Marne Cago Insurance is one of the first insurance products offered by EUROSIG.
It offers protection to owners’ materialized capital during their transport thru the three basic clauses of cargo insurance, A, B and C, for any physical damages or loss due to any unforeseen, unexpected accidental event.

These clauses are the same as those of the London Insurance market and are applied in almost all of Europe. EUROSIG covers all potential perils that may occur during the transportation of cargo, inside or outside of Albania.
In order to be insured, interested parties only need to present an insurance proposal listing the details of the cargo being insured and pay the insurance premium.
This insurance covers any physical damages or loss due to any unforeseen, unexpected accidental event as listed in the London Institute Clauses, following a specified procedure for the indemnification of the loss.

Vessel and Watercraft TPL

EUROSIG, in accordance with Law No.  10076, dated 12.02.2009 “For the Mandatory Insurance in the Transportat Sector”, and other by-legal acts
in support of this law, the general conditions of the policy, and subject to the payment of the premium for this policy, covers the legal responsibilities of the
owners of small watercraft within the liability limits required by law, for health and material damages caused to third parties during the operation of the insured watercraft.