Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance

Do you have an economic activity which is the source of your income?

If a third party is injured inside your business premises, or by the use of a product manufactured by you, than you will be liable for a considerable amount of money. 
If you purchase a Liability Insurance Policy, then EUROSIG will pay these liabilities on your behalf.

Product Liability Insurance

Product Liability Insurance covers manufacturers’ production activities in regards to product quality, by indemnifying consumers in case they are harmed or injured during the consumption or use of the product, including food products, electrical equipment, equipment and machinery, cosmetic products, chemical products, etc. EUROSIG will indemnify the Insured for:

a) Bodily harm or injury (including illness or death) for one or more individuals
b) Physical damage to objects caused by products that have been produced, sold, supplied, installed, repaired, altered or treated by the Insured.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance offers indemnification to compensate any claims raised by the public, individuals that may incur damages as the result of the negligence by the Insured or their employees. EUROSIG offers Public Liability Insurance and indemnifies the Insured for his legal civil liabilities for:

1. Health damages (Including death, illness or injury) of a person
2. Damages to the property of third parties 

EUROSIG also indemnifies all expenses for the resolution thru litigation or settlement of disagreements related to any claims for compensation. The tariffs for these policies vary according to the kind of activity, circulation, work processes and limits of indemnification.

Professional Liability Insurance

If you are a professional, specialized in your field, and during the course of your work you make a mistake, than you are liable for the financial damages your mistake has caused.
In order for you to transfer this risk to Eurosig, Eurosig offers professional liability insurance for several professions.

  1. Professional Liability Insurance for Architects and Engineers, provides coverage for any mistakes during their professional activity in planning and development

EUROSIG will indemnify the insured:

  1. Any amounts the Insured is legally liable to pay as a result of any claims for compensation due to negligence, mistakes or failure to act during the course of professional activities of the Insured as well as their employees.
  2. Eurosig will also indemnify the costs of legal defense and dispute resolution related to any claims for compensation..

       b. Professional Liability insurance for Clerks and Managers.

  1. This an insurance policy specifically designed for Banking institutions, offering compensations for any financial damages that the Bank’s manager or clerks may cause due to mistakes caused by negligence, error or failure to act during the activity of the Insured and their employees.