Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Eurosig takes care of your life and health, offering you some kind of insurance:

  • Providing Passengers in Public Transport
  • Provide Personal Accidents
  • Voluntary Health Insurance
  • Travel Health Insurance
  • Health Insurance for Foreign Residents in Albania
  • Providing Students and Students

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Passengers’ Insurance in Public Transportation
  1. Individuals or companies who are licensed to offer public transportation services by the appropriate Albanian authorities, as the owners or operators of the transportation means used to offer these services insure their passengers in case of accident.
  2. A passengers is considered anyone traveling in the means of public transportation, regardless of whether they have purchased a ticket or not. People who are located in the territories designated as stations/stops/terminals for the means of transportation (bus station, port, airport) or near the means of transportation with the intention of traveling or have just travelled with said means, excluding staff working in the means of transportation, shall also be considered passengers.
  3. An accident shall be considered a sudden, unforeseen, violent and verifiable event that may occur during the operation of the means of transportation and results in the death or permanent incapacitation of the passenger.
  4. EUROSIG sh.a., in accordance with law No. 10076, dated 12.02.2009 “For the Mandatory Insurance in the Transport Sector”, and other sub-legal acts in support of this law, the general conditions of the policy, and subject to the payment of the premium for this policy, covers the legal responsibilities of the policy holder for any accidents that may occur during the operation of the means of public transportation, that result in the death or permanent disability of the passenger.
  5. The coverage period is one year and the Insurance Policy is issued for a period of one year.
  6. The Policy enters in force at 24:00 of the date specified on the Policy as the start date. The policy expires at 24:00 of the date specified on the Policy as the termination date.
  7. The Insurer’s maximum indemnification liability in the event of an accident, for each passenger, is specified on the Insurance policy. The sum insured is equal to the maximum indemnification.
Personal Accidents Insurance

This insurance policy guarantees financial benefits for the Insured or the Beneficiary in the event of a covered accident.

Eurosig offers the following coverage:

  1. Personal Accidents Insurance
  2. Group Personal Accidents Insurance
  3. Health Insurance in and out of the country
  4. Combined Accidents and Health Insurance
  5. Group Personal Accidents Insurance at the workplace for miners
  6. Accidents and Health Insurance for expatriates living in Albania
  7. Health and Accidents Insurance for Students.



Voluntary Health Insurance

EUROSIG sh. Offers you the maximum coverage coverage voluntary health insurance, according to the coverage chart selected by you, by providing medical services to the most popular private clinics and institutions in Albania and other countries, according to customized schemes compiled according to the requirements of the Insured.

Coverage benefits from this health insurance cover hospitalization coverage and in case of out-of-hospital treatment to the extent of 100%. Some of the services covered by this type of insurance include:

  • Expenses for general practitioner and specialist doctor;
  • X-ray diagnostic controls, CT scanners, MRI or PET scanners;
  • Chemotherapy and radiotherapy;
  • Expenses for Preventive Care Check Up;
  • Day surgery;
  • Prescription medications specialist;Intensive Care, up to the maximum annual limit set in the Benefits Chart agreed between EUROSIG JSC and the Beneficiary at the time of the insurance.
  • In the case of out-of-hospital treatment, this insurance covers pre-emptive care, visits to the general practitioner and specialist doctor, as well as medical expenses as recommended by the specialist doctor, according to the limits set out in the contract.

In addition to hospitalization and out-of-hospital treatment, the X-ray diagnostic tests, CT scanners, MRI or PET scanners, day surgery, dental checkup and emergency dental surgery, pregnancy tracking, ophthalmology and repatriation are covered.

Travel Health Insurance
  1. This insurance policy protects travelers from unexpected medical expenses while traveling outside of Albania.
  2. This Policy covers emergency medical expenses, in case of an acute or unexpected illness, or in case the insured is involved in an accident during their travels outside of Albania.
  3. Additionally, this Policy covers repatriation expenses in case of an illness or loss of life.
  4. Traveler’s Health Insurance coverage can vary from a minimal period of 7 days to a maximal period of 365 days, and the premiums vary according to the coverage period and the geographical covered areas.
  5. This Policy covers:
    1. Medical Expenses: Expenses for first aid and hospitalization as a result of an unexpected, unforeseen and acute condition which, without medical treatment within 48 hours would cause the death or severe health consequences for the Insured.
    2. Repatriation Expenses:
      1. The Insurer will pay for the expenses of a means of transportation or an Air Ambulance, or the use of a commercial airline necessary for the repatriation of the insured who is sick or seriously injured, as well as any qualified attendants deemed necessary by the doctor and approved by the insurer.
      2. Funeral expenses outside of Albania, and/or cost of transport of the Insured’s deceased body or ashes to the place of residence specified on the Policy, in case the death occurs during the coverage period.
      3. Repatriation expenses will be indemnified if the death has occurred as a result of an illness which fulfills the coverage conditions specified in the insurance Policy 

Eurosig offers voluntary health insurance which, in cooperation with the main hospitals in Albania as well as overseas covers;

  • Free full annual checkup
  • Surgery or hospitalization
  • Free ambulance and coverage in case of accident
  • Lab and radiology tests throughout the year with a 50% discount
Health Insurance for Foreigners in Albania

The health insurance for foreigners who visit Albania or work and live in Albania covers emergency medical expenses in case of acute illness, or even an accident happens while their stay in Albania including expenses for specialist doctors, anesthetists, surgeons, operations and supporting materials , emergent transport, diagnostics and intensive care according to the limits defined on insurance policy.

Insurance of Pupils and Students

Personal a accidents insurance of pupils and students policy covers financial consequences caused by various accidents that may occur during activities at school or out of it and not only permanent disability or loss of life of the insured person but also emergency medical expenses in case of acute illness.