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Motor Insurance

Secure your vehicle and your day will be more relaxed and stress free:

  • ​Third party liability insurance (TPL)
  • Ensuring Third Party Liability (Green Card)
  • Providing Accountability to Third Parties (Borderlands)
  • Casco Insurance
  • Vehicle Tracking System (GPS)

Protect yourself as a family ...

Property Insurance

Your house, hotel, restaurant, place of business are the symbol of your efforts and the achievement of your dreams.

But there may come one day when a little carelessness may cause a fire, or natural perils may damage your investment.
EUROSIG offers compensation for the unexpected, unforeseen and accidental loss, damage or destruction of your insured property as a result of the following perils:

Health Insurance

Eurosig takes care of your life and health, offering you some kind of insurance:

  • Providing Passengers in Public Transport
  • Provide Personal Accidents
  • Voluntary Health Insurance
  • Travel Health Insurance
  • Health Insurance for Foreign Residents in Albania
  • Providing Students and Students

Get your health with Eurosig ... for the rest we think ...

Liability Insurance

Do you have an economic activity which is the source of your income?

If a third party is injured inside your business premises, or by the use of a product manufactured by you, than you will be liable for a considerable amount of money. 
If you purchase a Liability Insurance Policy, then EUROSIG will pay these liabilities on your behalf.

Engineering Insurance

For Contractors and Project developers, EUROSIG offeres several kinds of engineering Insurance Policies, which offer complete protection from all risks that may damage your project.

Marine Insurance

Sailing often reserves unexpected, which may have cost for you. Let us in your hand make your journey safer.

We provide damage, loss and shipping of ships, we can also provide your goods from the point of origin to the final destination.

Aviation Insurance

This insurance policy offers coverage for the hull of airplanes and helicopters, third party liability including passengers as well as personal accidents insurance for flight crews.

The clauses applied for airplane and helicopter insurance are those used in the international markets, based on the London Institute Clauses.

Monetary Funds Insurance

For banking institutions, EUROSIG offers special insurance policies related to banking activities which ofer coverage for vast array of perils, which could potentially damage your bank’s activities.

Bankers Blanket Bond Insurance Policy

Bankers Blanket Bond Insurance Policy covers the general activities of banking institutions from physical and financial perils. It is comprised of 6 or more sections, as follows:


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Health Insurance

Passengers’ Insurance in Public Transportation
  1. Individuals or companies who are licensed to offer public transportation services by the appropriate Albanian authorities, as the owners or operators of the...
Personal Accidents Insurance

This insurance policy guarantees financial benefits for the Insured or the Beneficiary in the event of a covered accident.

Eurosig offers the following...

Voluntary Health Insurance

EUROSIG sh. Offers you the maximum coverage coverage voluntary health insurance, according to the coverage chart selected by you, by providing medical services to the...

Travel Health Insurance
  1. This insurance policy protects travelers from unexpected medical expenses while traveling outside of Albania.
  2. This Policy covers emergency medical...
Health Insurance for Foreigners in Albania

The health insurance for foreigners who visit Albania or work and live in Albania covers emergency medical expenses in case of acute illness, or even an accident...

Insurance of Pupils and Students

Personal a accidents insurance of pupils and students policy covers financial consequences caused by various accidents that may occur during activities at school or...