Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


A national group, with European standards, which produces excellent results that meet our client’s requirements. We are a company with excellent customer relations, that values any request they have, and stands by them until a complete solution has been provided for their needs. Customer relations remain the focus of all the company’s efforts and activity. Client satisfaction is accomplished by a qualified staff, with a clear vision. We always try to prove ourselves to our clients thru results.


Eurosig offers services of European standards by maintaining a clear profile, consolidating its position and by guaranteeing a good name and reputation to all our partners. We will continue to work to further strengthen our identity, by offering straightforward services in order to strengthen our consolidated image in the insurance market, based on a steady business model, geared towards our client’s needs. Eurosig, with its qualified and experienced staff, will continue to complete financial guarantees from any risk, of whatever nature.

We are always committed to make Eurosig as attractive as possible in the insurance market by improving quality and guaranteeing quick, efficient and professional services to our customers, offering competing prices in its nationwide network. Our services will exceed our clients’ needs. This will be achieved by strategic planning aimed at the continuous growth of the company, flexible structures, public image growth, and being near people in difficult situations in order to guarantee maximal compensation for damages they may incur.

By valuing the professional capacities of our employees as an advantage in increasing competiveness, by relying on the financial resources of the company, in the maximal commitment of every individual, on the spirit of innovation and perfection, ad by making new investments, we intend to modernize every aspect of the company’s activities, and computerize its systems in order to meet current standards, thus facilitating communications with our clients in order to be by their side as quickly as possible.