The President

The President

Kadri Morinaj, started his entrepreneurship in 1990 with the company "Euro-Alba", and after his name was connected with the possession of one of the most popular premises in Tirana, Bar - Piazza Restaurant. From 2000 to 2004, his activity extended to the banking field as a shareholder in several prestigious banks in Albania and later became one of the shareholders of Plus Mobile. Kadri Morinaj expanded his activity into a new field, as his ambition was for the insurance industry as well, reaching the goal by buying the insurance company "Dukagjini." In 2006, the company "Dukagjini" changed its name to EUROSIG, a wholly Albanian capital company, soon EUROSIG took an important place in the Albanian insurance market. Today offers complete packages of services and activities, ranking in the most prestigious companies.

The ambitions Mr. Kadri Morinaj, could not stop there. The company with the highest growth trend in Albania, could not only stay within the administrative boundary of Albania, but had to expand even further in the region, where there are Albanians, but also others. At the initiative of Mr. Morinaj, during 2015, EUROSIG extended its investments in Kosovo, to take first place in the insurance market. Meanwhile, for the fourth consecutive year, EUROSIG is classified as the company with the highest growth trend in the insurance market and with the highest rates of claims payments. The year 2016 was again successful for the President Kadri Morinaj's ambitious entrepreneurial initiatives. As it grows every day in his businesses, where today there are over 3000 employees across the region, in May 2016, Kadri Morinaj accomplished another ambition, crowning him with the purchase of 100% from the main shareholder, the Government of Albania, Insurance company INSIG, the first insurance company in Albania, offering the highest value for this important purchase, 16 million euros. The next challenge for Kadri Morinaj is the expansion in the European market.

But being a successful businessman has not made Kadri Morinaj lose connections to reality and ordinary people. On the contrary, as a worthy believer and a man of great spirit he marks today a number of charitable and philanthropic acts. He recounted how he, a Muslim, was honored to cook for and host Pope Francis at his restaurant in Tirana in 2014 “as an example of a clear religious coexistence”.

Mr. Morinaj insists he is a builder, a unifier – and his contributions to Albanian cultural activities and charitable organization confirms this. Among the closest to his heart are the “Association of orphans” and “Children of Albania”, which helps children suffering from Autism. He also supports scholarships of the students of excellence at the Faculty of Economy, and provides financial support for the promotion of tourism in Albania and the national sports groups, such as the Albanian Volleyball, Weightlifting, Cycling Federation and other sports like paragliding.

As a man who contributes daily to the spread of Albanian values all over the world, Mr. Kadri Morinaj has conceived and enabled the realization of a statue for Mother Teresa, which, from August 2016, stands in Rio de Janeiro, faced a statue Christ's Famine. Meanwhile Mr.Kadri Morinaj, has enabled the realization of the statue of Ismail Qemal, in “Continental “hotel in Bucharest, where the independence history of Albania has started.