About us

About us

Eurosig sh.a. was established in September, 2004 as a Non-Life Insurance Company, and since March operates under the name Eurosig sh.a., and is entirely owned by Albanian shareholders.

The company activities are regulated by the Law on the Activity Insurance, Re-Insurance and Intermediary in Insurance and Re-Insurance, amended, and other legal and normative acts, and under the supervision of the Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority (AFSA). It is also guided by the Company Statute and the Company Operational Regulations.

Eurosig sh.a. is a consolidated company in the insurance market, and is extended in all the territory of the Republic of Albania, with 23 branches and over 230 agencies. The extension of the sales network, the positioning in the insurance market with significant and relatively fast growth, are the result of continuous efforts and the company’s qualified employees. In the last four years, Eurosig sh.a. has been ranked as the fastest growing company in the insurance market.

Eurosig sh.a. offers adequate insurance solutions that adapt to a changing environment. In order to achieve this, Eurosig sh.a. employs a highly qualified, professional, and qualified staff. They are attentive to the clients’ needs, know what the most adequate product for each client is, and offer the best options and advice. Eurosig offers coverage for vehicles, homes, health, work, property, profession, agricultural products, livestock and more.

Today, due to an approach to integrated offers, and a unique and innovative model, you will be in good hands which translates to Trust. Security is the corner stone of the Eurosig philosophy.

Eurosig has been received the award as the company with the highest growth in the Insurance market for 3 consecutive years and it is the company with the highest indemnification rates.

During 2015, extended its investments in the Kosovo market, starting its operations in Europe’s youngest country. Eurosig continues its tradition of employee motivation with tourist trips in Albania and Europe, not only for the sake of entertainment, but also aimed at learning about the cultural and historic values of our country as well as Europe. For 2016, Eurosig will work to further improve our services, by providing continuous training and qualification for its employees.